How to improve the CPU performance for Mixing

Hi everyone

If the Cubase is used for mixing, all the tracks are imported, and no real-time tracking is needed. What is important is there should be no stuck when playing back especially when there are plenty plugins are used.

The attachment is my current setup. I am experience stuck when playing back, even most of the insert plugins have been moved to the audio clip’s direct offline window.

Is there any some thing further that I can do to improve the overall performance?

Change to 32 bit float and see what happens


Increase buffer size, say 1024

Use freeze for any audio/midi track you are not working on.

I switched from 1024 to 2048. It words better, but still stuck occasionally. I think Cubase should optimize the core drive.

I know this. I think Cubase need to be optimized for audio plugins. especially for the iZotope family. Pro Tools works much smoother under the same buffer size setup.

Can’t say I have the same experience. Cubase has a lot of features that are not plugin dependent but still can make an impact on the cpu. I’m thinking variaudio, tempo tracks etc.
Rendering/bouncing down tracks when they are edited, can make a huge difference if used on many tracks.
Any improvement in performance is always welcome, I hope it will be the main focus, when Cubase finally has its GUI replaced.

In my experience, Cubase can run “plenty” plugins just fine. I do get problems sometimes when I have many plugins. And when I have numerous plugins, then I always have problems.

Total lack of any useful information provided. Seriously, not even a mention of Operating System or Sound Device / ASIO Driver being used? How about Computer Hardware specs? Hmmm … :confused: