How to improve this beam?

I have this beaming:

I would like the stem to be slightly longer, like this:

These are my stem length settings:

If I increase option 4 to 2 3/4 nothing happens, but 2 13/16 and higher makes the beam reach down to line 2. Is there any setting that could help here?

Thanks especially to @FredGUnn & @benwiggy for all their suggestions on the topic. I’m getting closer and closer to have about 80%+ beams that are as I want them!

Hi Michele! I understand your request because your preference is better than my default settings:


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To get close to what I need most times, I needed to have option 4 between 2.51 and 2 13/16.
The problem with this is that one gets some egregiously ugly exceptions such as this one (stem way too short):

Another crucial option is this:

I’m still experimenting, and I’ve got curiously interesting results with 0,0 … my previous 2,3 setting was not good. More experimentation needed… (insert mad scientist picture here).

PS: I’m building a collection of Dorico-beams and my-desired-beams to try and find the best options. I can share the folder if others are interested in this.

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I don’t want to tell a blasphemy, but perhaps we need less parameters and more (artificial) intelligence… :astonished:

In a certain sense, those parameters already are artificial intelligence, since they react to the user input by designing the beams.
What I would like to see is a beam-slant/stem-length override editor, which would allow the user to always set a certain example to a desired output.

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