How to improve workflow between VEP 6 and Cubase using Macr?


I’m using VEP 6 with Cubase to create a big template with all the articulations ready for use.

The problem here is that in Cubase’s project, I only have just on VST VEP Instrument (to connect to VEP server), but lot of Midi tracks with each of the articulations.

As I’m under midi tracks, I don´t have any render/freeze option, so I had to look for the track with the “official VST Instrument”, but that is tedious as I have a lot of tracks and some times it´s not so easy to identify each of the as there are a lot of similar VST instruments…

Is there a way to use a Cubase Macro, that when you are on a midi track (that corresponds to a specific VST Instrument), it renders only that instrument?

Thanks a lot


I have very simple Macro in my head, but I’m not 100% it fits exactly your needs:

  • Solo (selected track)
  • Render in Place

Make sure, you Solo the track, not the channel.

I’m not sure if I understood you…
You mean, on Macro menu, create new macro and then select these two commands?
1-Preferences-Project&Mix Console-Select channel/track on solo
2-Render in place-Render settings…

I’ve upload a screenshot to explain it better.
I have VEP VST Instrument called “Flutes”, that in the project is represented as a VST instrument track called “Andy Flute” , has several midi tracks connected to it.

So, while I’m on “SA Kitbag Fujara” midi track… I’d want to freeze “Flutes” VST Instrument but without selecting the “andy Flutes” track…and then click on freeze.
I wanna run it, just from “SA Kitbag Fujara” midi track.


There is a new course on VEPro 6 on There is also a course at AskVideo on how to set up large orchestral templates. There is also a site called Vi control, which deals a lot in these issues. It’s cheap to join the course sites for a month and you can dip in where you need to thousands of professional videos.

Setting up these templates is highly complex and takes a lot of thought. I don’t think there is a singular right way, and most Daws cannot handle them well, that’s why Vepro is popular. (Let’s hope its better in Cubase 9).

I have bought Vepro 6 yesterday. It’s very different to Vepro5. I have come to the conclusion that my old templates need redesigning from scratch, everything.

Your pic shows instruments loaded into Cubase, surely these should be loaded into Vepro?

Make sure you don’t hit your RAM and CPU limits. If you put your system spec into your signature this helps people help you.
You need a very powerful machine for this, often Vepro is used to synch two machines one for the samples and one for playback.

Good luck and welcome

I’m already a subscriber on macprovideo, and groove3, but the issue I’m talking about is not describe in any of them. :unamused:

It´s more a Cubase feature related to VST Instruments and midi tracks, than something related to VEP.

I found VEP 6 much better than VEP5 and with some interesting new features. I’m pretty fast editing in VEP, but what I’m looking for is how to improve cubase workflow when you try to deal with lots of midi tracks and you need to freeze instruments from any midi project’s tracks.


By default, the “Remote-Control Focus for VST Quick Controls follows track selection” is enabled (you can enable it in the VST Instruments window, or right-zone, under the Settings - asterics).

Once the MIDI track is selected, the Instrument is selected with it in the VST Instruments (you can see the yellow “controller” icon in the right-bottom corner of the instrument). Click to the Freeze button of this Instrument.

thanks, It´s there… yes… and it follows the track…that could be one way… thanks :wink:

There is no way to create a keycommand for doing the trick?
I’ll explain you why I’m looking for that procedure.
I don´t know if you know VEP 6… But the new versión, allows you to disable/unload channels with instruments from memory to save resources… (as Cubase does when you have an VST instrument connected directly to it). That new VEP6 feature can be triggered using midi parapetes…
So If I’m able to create a macro to freeze a Instrument even staying on the midi track, I’ll also be able to add a final step that will be to send a parameter to VEP6 to unload those instruments. So it’d would work as it was an instrument directly connected to cubase, but being a VEP6 instance…
huge improvement!