How to increase Performance Cubase

Hey Cubase people
was wondering if anyone had any good advice from experience with regards to performance in cubase.

I am using cubase 10 on a windows 10 computer, which has 16 GB RAM but only an intel i3 CPU
am running two audio interfaces simultaneously, one in an isolation booth and one outside the booth.
The audio interface in the booth also has a built in MIDI interface

am also running a cheap electronic drum kit (Alesis turbo mesh kit) using its built in MIDI interface
and running only two virtual instrument plug ins.
Toon track EZ Drummer and Native Instruments FM8

however, when i try and lay down some drums using the midi drums, i am getting really glitchy midi
over the USB, and in cubase. The recording appears to hang (perhaps note on) and then glitch up, delay recording for a few seconds
then records all the stuff i played during the few seconds it dropped out all at the same timeā€¦ which is really odd

This glitch may occur because i have the drums recording on a loop. So when i am playing the drums in the booth
the playback head reaches the end of the loop and then returns to the start
which would likely cause a hanging note and a bit of confusion in cubase

think that performance could be a lot better
was wondering if anyone knew how much performance would be boosted if i changed the CPU to an i7 for example.
and if anyone knew of any other ways to make cubase work better, for example, by adjusting windows 10 for example

would appreciate the advice