How to increase spacing between ledger lines and size of notes in scores

Is there a way to increase the spacing between the horizonatal lines of the staves in cubase scores? When I print the score it looks ok but I would like to be able to increase the note size and spacing between the lines. Is this possible?

Space between system lines:
Score Settings>Staff>Options>System Sizes: Add Space

Noteheads (only) size:
Select notes:
Then in the Right Zone set Scaling,
In Set Note Info dialog (clicki on button “i”, or right-click>properties, or double-click on selection) and set notehead scaling.

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Thank you. The spacing part worked great but for the note head size I can’t find the “scaling” option you are talking about. Is it here somewhere?

Which Cubase version do you use?
Here C11pro:


I use Cubase Pro 10.5, is this not available in Cubase 10.5? I just upgraded to 10.5 right before Cubase 11 came out :frowning: Is there another way?

Yes sorry, note scaling option is only available in Cubase 11.

What is your goal?
You want to increase system lines spacing and notes size. Isn’t scaling the whole score what you would like to achieve?

I think so, I would like the whole score to be bigger… so everything to be scaled bigger when I print it out

Easy in this case:



Nice… so easy :slight_smile: