How to increase the BPM of a recorded Guitar passage

Is there a simple way to take Guitar Riffs and increase their BPM [Beats Per Minute] that doesn’t alter their sound much at all ? I have a Song at 105 BPM . I want to increase that BPM.
Is there a Range above which you should not go over 105 because it will alter the sound noticeably … IOW… is it reasonable to increase the BPM to 110 from 105 without sacrificing Quality.

Any help appreciated on the particular command or tool in Cubase that is used to do this task ?

Put the parts into Musical Mode. (You may want to bounce them first at the original tempo). Then just increase or decrease your tempo to the desired bpm.

Presuming you are working on a whole track… Please don’t use Time Stretch. This will take you a lot longer and the results will not be as good.

Using musical mode will enable you to change the tempo anytime you want to anything you want, including tempo ramping etc.


Time stretching will always alter the sound somehow, more noticeable so on transient heavy material. You could try some of the different algorithms (for real time time stretching as suggested by Phil_Pendlebury see the info bar in the arrangement window).

You could also try Direct Offline Processing, which offers even more algorithms.

Simply use the time stretch tool (arrow with clock)

Have a look here, short video showing practical examples and why not to use Time stretching in this case.

Thanks for your help .

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Thanks for your help

If you’re going to do this routinely, time stretching the raw guitar signal (Without amp/effects) will help smoothen out the time stretch artefacts. Placing amp sim/effects/reverb afterwards will kinda disguise it better.

If you time stretch pre-processed guitar it can sound nasty.

Thanks for that advice

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