how to incrementally add inputs ?


the new window to add audio track is… ok lots missing but it goes in the right direction (i still don’t understand why it’s not possible to press TAB and skip through ALL boxes to changes settings with no mouse.)
anyway. Is it possible to add like 8 tracks, select input #1 for the first and ask nuendo to incrementaly go #2 for the second track and so on to #8 ?
The only way i do this is adding 8 tracks and manually set 7 inputs for them :unamused:
i tried to press the “wheel” icon but really… apart from adding inputs (although i think this is something you set once and until you change soundcard) it does not allow you to select multiple input in your input tab and add track according to the one selected… that would have been nice.


You may already know this but if you select all those tracks once you created them then Shift + click the lowest desired input number on the first track it will sequentially assign them incrementally.

hoooo no i didn’t know that one thanks !
dam now that i looked into it i would hope they add the possibility to select a bunch of inputs from the “add track” window by lookking at your input setup from your soundcard and assign those selected input to added tracks in incremental order. most of the time i need to select like input 1+2 3+4 then 7+8 11+2… so even the shift+click is not ideal.
but works nice !

Not meaning to hijack the thread, but it would also be nice to add a variety of track types, without having to open the “Project” menu three times.

You can add eight Audio tracks, four Instrument tracks and six MIDI tracks in one go, in ProTools.