How to indicate straight time 16ths over phrase?

Hi, I have blues song that’s played with a swing feel throughout, however there’s one phrase (half a measure) of 16ths that I want to indicate to be played in straight time. What’s the best way to do this?

‘Play straight’ with a bracket over the notes?

I agree with Sadhaka. Terms like »swing«, »straight«, »shuffle« etc. are commonly used instructions for such situations in music. I don’t know any different possibilities.
shift - alt -x

Got it, thanks! :slight_smile:

The help says you can do this via the tempo popover (Shift-T), but it doesn’t work as described. If you just enter “straight”, Dorico slows the tempo right down. If you enter something like “straight q=140”, then it gets the tempo right, but doesn’t straighten out the rhythm.

Tempo is set via the Tempo tool. Swing is set (and removed) via the Timing section of Playback Options in Play mode. They are separate from each other.

No, that’s not quite right, Derrek. You can also enter rhythmic feel instructions in the Shift+T popover. JustKen, when you start to type “straight”, you should see that Dorico shows “Straight (no swing)” in the drop-down auto-completer below the popover: press the down arrow to highlight this longer text, then hit Return twice to create the rhythmic feel change.

The joy of reading your posts, Daniel (and Lillie, too), is that I almost always come away knowing something I didn’t know before. Thank you.

Thanks, Daniel, this seems to have done the trick. But with all due respect to Dorico, I shouldn’t have to achieve this effect by applying a down-arrow trick in the popover; I should just be able to type “straight”.

Sorry that you find this inconvenient, JustKen.