How to insert 2 external compressors stereo/ 2x mono?

Dear fellow Nuendo-users,

I’ve got 2 similar external compressors in my side-rack and sometimes I want to use them inserted as a stereo-pair on a stereo bus in Nuendo, and sometimes I want to use them as 2 mono compressors inserted on 2 mono tracks, but the Nuendo “External FX”-page in “VST Connections” only allows me to connect them as a stereo bus OR as 2 mono buses.
If I connect them as a stereo bus, I never can use the second compressor as a mono insert and when I connect them as 2 mono buses I never can use them as a stero pair while Nuendo inserts them (mono) in series…
Each time I change the way I want to use these 2 compressors, I have to change the connections in “External FX”-page in “VST Connections”, so what’s the use then of this page?

Why hasn’t Steinberg programmed the routing editor for the external FX-buses?
Am I overlooking something?

Any help appreciated!
Cheers, Niek.

Set them up as 2 mono effects units. To use in stereo, insert both on a stereo channel and then in your routing editor you change how each insert is routed e.g. first mono insert processes left side, second mono insert processes right side.

To open the routing editor click the “E” button to open up the channel edit window, right-click somewhere in it and under the “Customize View” menu make sure and make sure"Insert Routing" is checked.