How to insert a beat or a measure in the timeline

Hi everyone,

I am in the difficult situation where I have to adapt 20 minutes of music to an image that is going to be palyed more slowly.
Said differently: I worked with a movie @25fps and the movie is actually be played @24fps.
We tested the timetsretch option: it is awfull . Not the artefacts, but the slowing of the tempo is unbearable.

So we agreed that the more elegant thing to do was to rework each piece of music.
In order to adapt to the new speed, I have to play with everything I can: tempi, ritard, but also rewriting some part.
Fopr instance it will be usefull to insert one measure or one beat.

Is there a convenient way to insert a beat or a measure inside a timeline, so that everything but the video is pushed towards the right?

I agree that it smells a lot like the wrong question to solve a simple problem. Any idea is welcome at this stage.

Some of the pieces I have to re-work contain many tempo changes, already. Some of them have been generated by the uyse of the timewarp tool.
The work contains only midi programming with almost no loops (they are orchestral music pieces).

Thanks for your help.


config: Win7 x64 /Cubase 5 / Kontakt

“Process bars”

Very nice! And in one minute, too : )

For the french readers of the cubase 5 manual, this function is known as “modifier structure des mesures”.

Many many thanks :slight_smile:)


De rien…