How to insert a free meter measure?


Is it possible to change an existing measure 4/4 to a no meter measure and insert notes in the no meter measure?
I would like to notate something like below.

I also do not know how to enter the repeat sign in the first measure after the free meter measure.

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You may find these helpful:

Hello Pianoleo

Thank you for the links,
That method I will use but my question remains.

Is it possible to insert a free meter measure in an existing piece and insert notes.
I can’t do it.



  1. Recreate the prevailing time signature in the measure after the one that you want to convert to a free meter measure.
  2. Create the free meter time signature (Shift-M, x).
  3. Select something in the new free meter measure, summon the bars popover (Shift-B) and add as much time as you need to that measure (for your example you would type 9/4 to add nine quarter notes).
  4. Now you can hide both time signatures in the properties panel.

You could skip step three if you just created the appropriate measured time signature with insert mode on in step 2.

Hello Florian,

But why using the free meter X when changing it to 9/4 afterwards.
I was thinking the Free meter X measure would have no actual limit or restriction.
So I can insert anything in it. And modify it at any time.

Am I thinking wrong about the free X meter?

Kind regards, Johan

Free meter bars are only free up to the next barline. If you’re writing from left to right and you input a free time signature, it really is free. If you’re going back and revising, then no, it’s not truly free, because the “free” bar is still bounded by barlines at either end.

I think you’ve slightly misunderstood Florian, though. You can use the Shift+B popover within a bar to add time to that bar. This is the Shift+B popover, not the Shift+M popover.

Hello Pianoleo,

That was my question.
So the free meter X is not free anymore as soon as a new measure is after it with a fixed meter.
I understood Florian but as my native language is not English, I have a hard time formulating my questions.



Hi, Johan. If you don’t have any fixed meter after the open meter, then you don’t need to add that step…
What’s your native language, by the way? It could be useful to add that into your signature :wink:

Hello MarcLarcher,

Yes that is what I understand now.
Once a fixed time signature is placed after a free meter measure, it is no longer possible to ad notes to the free meter measure.
Maybe this is logical but I could not find it in the manual.
My native language is Dutch.
I will have a look at my signature.

Kind Regards, Johan

Dear Johan,
You should be able to add notes to an open meter section. By notes, I mean “musical time”. I think if you invoke shift-b popover inside that open meter bar, you should be able to add as much time as you need. If you need 31 quarters more, write 31/4 in that popover. The next time signature should be moved away by this amount of “time”
[Edit] And now I read this thread…
Search the forum, folks! :joy:

Hello MarcLarcher,

With shift-b in a free meter measure I can add anything I want without shifting music in other measures.
I suppose this is what Florian also told.
Thanks to both.

Kind regards, Johan