How to insert a plugin on multiple tracks in one go?

How to insert a plugin on multiple tracks in one go? Is there a way?

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Select all the channels then hold Alt/Shift and add the plugin.

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Where are you working when you do this? In the mixer, or in the project window? Are you inserting via the channel settings window or via maybe the insert rack?, where is your mouse when you alt click?

Many thanks Z

Zero, it should work in all those situations as far as I recall.

In the mixer for example when I setup my templates I’ll select a number of tracks, click on the insert slot to select a plugin, navigate to the plugin, and before I click to select it I press and hold [shift][ALT], and clicking while pressing those two keys will instantiate the plugin across the selected channels in that insert slot.

In the project window I use the same key-combination regularly to re-route outputs of channels and I do the same thing. I select the tracks, in the inspector I navigate to the output option, navigate to the correct one and press/hold [shift][ALT] before I click on it. Works every time.

Found a way using Quick links. Was your button on?

Just for the record: press/hold [shift][ALT] is sort of a universal “Do the same thing to all selected” command. So you can do that to things like mute, solo etc.

Shift/Alt is for temporarily switching Quicklink on.

Got it thank you. Was only holding down alt, not shift alt. Thank you both