How to insert a rest, when Dorico doesn't want to?

I know all beginnings are difficult, but I’m trying to get a rest displayed at a certain point, and Dorico simply refuses to do it :sleepy:
doesn’t work in either of the 2 voices in that bar.
Thanks for any tips :slight_smile:

Select the notes closest to the rest position and see if “starts voice” and/or “ends voice” is set in the properties panel.

It looks like you’ve muddled up your voices. I suspect you have the last two beats in the downstem voice, rather than upstem, and at least one of your voices has the “end’s voice” property set on the second beat. Undo the “ends voice” property and your rests for that voice should return.

(Sharing a screenshot with voice colors turned on would really help us pinpoint exactly where you’ve gone wrong.)


I ended up deleting the entire bar, and re-entering it :slight_smile:
I probably messed up with Edit->Remove Rests…

But, I will certainly start looking at the properties panel more from now on - good tip,
as well as voice colors – that would be handy too.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

This is how it looks now:

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And just to be clear: now that you’ve re-entered (which wouldn’t have been necessary, but is understandable when you’re looking for a fix) you can click on specific rests (such as the half rest) to remove just that, rather than removing the whole bar’s rests.

If you entered all the music in this bar the same way the second time as you did the first time, then simply highlighting the notes in beat three and de-selecting the “ends voice” property would have made your 8th rest reappear, just fyi.