How to insert external compressor in Cubase 8 Artist

I have Cubase Artist 8 and UR44. I have no interface of UR44 mixer in Cubase 8 Artist and cannot route IO. I’d like to use my external compressor or EQ, etc…

Well thats not so convenient like it is in Cubase Pro.

You need a free second Pair of outputs and Inputs or single input output for mono on your Interface. Create a new output for your Interface in the VST Connections that is not in use yet. Hook this output to the inputs of your Compressor and the outputs of your compressor to your free inputs on your interface.
No you have two options. Either you use a send from the track you want to compress to the second output through your compressor and route this back to a new Audiotrack that receives from the input your compressor is hook to. That would be kind of a parallel compression.
Second method would be to Route the Track you want to compress directly to the second output of your interface and than route the compressor back to a new Audiotrack receiving the inputs your compressor is hooked to.

With Cubase Pro 8 you can create an external effect that handles like a plugin but uses a physikal send/return path inside your Signalpath of the insertchain.

If you want to use outboard gear alot you shoud consider to upgrade

Thank you,…when Steinberg will have a promotion or discount price to upgrade to 8 Pro, I go for it…:slight_smile: