How to insert one of the new synths into a program?

This is the 2nd of two H5 noob programming questions I have.

If I’m starting with an empty program, how do I insert one of the new synths (e.g. Auron, Voltage, etc.) into it?

At the top, you can choose between your instrument sets, rather than looking thru the entire H5 sets.

You should see icons of the individual content sets, and you can choose Trium from there. Mind that this will pull up presets filtered for Trium content. I don’t know if you can simply load up a default init Trium. In essence HALion with no programs loaded IS a init Trium.

Remember those synths are just control pages. The actual synth IS HALions 3X osc section.

Yeah, I’d figured out how find & load a Trium (or whatever) preset. I guess the thing to do is load up an existing preset, strip it down to the bare bones and save that as an init preset.

That’s a good idea actually… hmm. You could save a window set that just has the Macro page I suppose and you’d have essentially a real VSTi synth… but of course you could go under the hood :wink:

a quick search in the mediabay will learn you that for every engine in halion there is an init preset provided.
in the middle of the mediabay there is a small grey (or blue) field. this is the search field.
type in init and there you go.

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Excellent, thanks for the tip. That’s just what I needed… :smiley: