How to insert silence using Range when there is overlapping audio in that section without cutting it

When I insert silence using the range selection tool, It will cutoff any audio that is overlapping into that range selection.

It slows down my experimentation a LOT because I like to put a fill or some lead up to the chorus.

So whenever I insert silence using the range tool, I need to make sure all audio lines up with the bar so it doesn’t get cutoff. Then I insert silence and have to drag all audio clips back to their previous spot within the inserted silence.

For ex: Say I want to insert silence using the range tool in bars 12-13. I have overlapping audio into the selection on the left. So, in this situation, I will have to drag the clip to that the audio doesn’t overlap and it fits into bar 12. Once I insert the range, I drag back the audio clips.

If I don’t drag the audio clip so it fits into the bar, it ends up like this and I have to delete the audio on the left and then drag back the audio clip

Is there an easy solution for this? It slows down my creative process the most out of anything in Cubase.

I’ve often find myself in this situation. Also with midi. The only way around this is to put the left locator on a position where it’s less destructive or exclude certain tracks and deal with them later.

You can’t blame the tool because it does exactely what it promises…creating silence between the left and right locator or selected with the range tool.

Yeah it’s a headache for sure and the more I look into it I really don’t think there’s any workaround.

I did try to find a way to select multiple tracks that are spread apart with the range selecting tool i.e. hold alt and select one track then select another track further down in the project and insert silence into them. Doesn’t seem to be a way to do that either.

Edit: You can select specific audio files with the range tool ONLY (not midi data) by selecting tracks with the range tool and deselecting the tracks you don’t want using CMD/ALT and clicking it with the range tool.

Not sure if this will help your workflow or not. But there is an alternative way to silence a section Audio without cutting anything. Show the Lanes on the Audio Track and using the Pencil Tool draw in where you want the silence which will create an empty (and therefore silent) Audio Part. Normally that will be the active Take, but if it isn’t just use the Comp Tool to make it active.

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try using track lock




I’d say this is as close to a solution as we’ll get for now. It is definitely easier than my method.

I have also programmed an easier key command then the stock one for Lock/Unlock track. And for others that are reading this: You can select each track you want to lock/unlock and it’ll do that for all of them, so this process is going smoothly for me.

Thank you!

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