How to insert two VI's on one Instrument Track

Cubase 5, I would like to use a VST called MIDI Note Map with Sampletank 3.

In Reaper, I can simply insert it before ST3 on the same instrument track, and it works as desired.

Considering that MIDI Note Map loads as a VI, how do I place it before ST3 in Cubase?

Sounds like a Midi insert is needed for the midi plugin… should be separate from the actual VST slot… I could be wrong though, as I do not use CB5…

Thanks for the reply.

The Midi Note Map plugin loads as a virtual instrument, not a MIDI plugin, hence my dilemma.

MIDI Note Map needs to be inserted in front, or before, Sample Tank 3 on the same instrument track.

In Reaper and Pro Tools, several virtual instruments can be inserted on one instrument track, making this easy to accomplish.

I do not understand how to set it up in Cubase.

Well, I didn’t figure out how to load two VI’s on one Instrument Track. However, I figured out a way to accomplish the goal of using the MIDI Note Map VI plugin with ST3 in Cubase.

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