How to install cubase 10 on 2 computers (apple and window)

Hello, could you explain me if it’s possible to install cubase 10 on a laptop (apple) and on my desktop (window) ???

By default CB Elements 10 (and lower versions, like LE & AI) store the license on the computer (called a soft eLicense). These versions will only work on that one computer. CB Artist and Pro 10 versions store the license on a USB eLicenser (USB dongle, purchased separately). These versions can be installed on each of the computers you mentioned. The Cubase software will work on whatever computer has the USB dongle connected to it (meaning one computer at a time).

I should mention that it is possible to move the license for CB Elements 10 (or the lower versions) to a USB eLicense dongle which will allow them to be installed and work on the computers you mentioned as long as the dongle is connected to that computer. Note that once you move the soft elicense to the USB eLicense dongle you can not move it back.

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Adding to Prock’s answer, which is correct in every detail, it is well known from mentions in the Dorico forum that Steinberg are working on a new licensing system. There is no feature set nor release date at this time, other than confirmation it will not be part of the Dorico 3 release that may well happen later this year.

Unless the new licensing system deploys mid way through the life of a product, my feeling is Cubase is unlikely to move to a new system before end 2020 (likely Cubase 11 - recent practice has been a once a year paid upgrade with a 0.5 increment in Cubase version number in November or December). As always, you should really buy a product based on its current state.

Until any new system is deployed, Cubase Elements (and the OEM versions Cubase AI and LE) are soft eLicenser on one computer or USB eLicenser on several computers. Cubase Artist, Cubase Pro and Nuendo are USB eLicenser only. As Prock says, you can move a licence from soft eLicenser to USB eLicenser (and between USB eLicensers) but not from USB eLicenser to soft eLicenser. If you are unsure it is best to start out with soft eLicenser on the basis you can always move to USB eLicenser later.