How to install HSO full version with Cubase 6 on win7


I bought HSO full version like 4 years ago when I bought in the same time Cubase 4.
Everything was working perfectly.

But now I own Cubase 6 and I tried to install my full HSO (there are 4 CD to install) but it works only for the first one.
When you install HSO, after the 1 CD installed, windows asks for a reboot and then after, to install the three next CD’s.
So I did it, but it doesn’t works, the install doesn’t work. I re-installed it and nothing more happened.

Can you help me about How to install the others CD ?

Thank you so much for your help (and sorry if something close to my topic is already created)


The installation works on a Windows 7 computer. What do you mean exactly with “the instllation doesn’t work” ? What happens when you double click on the “PC Install Content” icon ? (it can take some time depending on the system befor the installation window will pop-up).

Please be sure that background tasks like for example a virus scanner are disabled during the installation.



Ok sorry.

Well, actually when I put the 1st CD, windows doesn’t execute automatically the installation, I must open the CD and then click on “execute”. That’s weard… And it does the same for the other CDs, so I guess because it doesn’t do it automatically so the install process doen’t work properly…

I mean that after the reboot, nothing happens. I remember that windows has to ask to continue the installation with the 2, 3 and 4 CD’s after the reboot. But with win7 windows doesn’t ask and so I can’t continue the installation.
I tried to execute the CD 2 but it doesn’t install it.

I don’t know what to do. And I check for DD memory because HSO takes 27 GB. I only have 30 GB free, maybe I need more space ?

I tried a few others requests but it still doesn’t work.

Someone could help me please ? Or does someone could tell me who I have to ask ?

Thank you

I successfully installed it a week ago on Win7 (64 Bit). It just asked for the next DVD like it should be. Works fine with Cubase 6…

Only thing i can`t get to work is Halion One not finding its samples, even if i directly tell it where they are… Whatever, i have halion 4 :wink: