How to install or activate a new patchname script

Windows 10 with Elements 9. I tried to add a patchname script for my ageing Roland XP30 keyboard but I cant see it within the midi device manager list.

There is a folder c:/programfiles/steinberg/cubase LE elements9/scripts/patchnames/inactive where I can see many midi devices listed so I copied my xp30.txt file there - I guess it needs to be activated because it does not show up when I go to install a new device. I tried re-booting Cubase but that didnt do anything.

There is an option to import setup but this only works for xml files and patchname scripts are txt.

So it seems I am missing out on a step somewhere along the line …any ideas?

Try to put the script file in your user data folder.

c:/users/username/appdata/roaming/steinberg/cubase LE elements9/scripts/patchnames/inactive

That should work.

Dont you have to FILE/IMPORT the patch script to see it in Cubase?

Spot on misohoza - I cant understand though why there are two separate locations with exactly the same file structure. Anyway - I copied the file to the duplicate folder and now the xp30 appears within the list of midi devices. I wonder if I can delete the other files at c:/program files/steinberg/cubase LE9 AI elements/scripts.

I would leave the program files alone.
They contain factory presets and defaults.

User data folder is created when you run Cubase for the first time. Files in this folder are created/modified when you save a preset, assign custom keyboard shortcuts, change something in preferences…
You can delete your user data folder anytime if you want to trash your preferences. It will rebuild itself next time you run Cubase , using the default settings.

Many Thanks