How to install the gift you get with Cubase 13 UA PolyMAX Synthesizer

Can’t in any way install how to install the gift you get with Cubase 13 UA PolyMAX Synthesizer
I’ve tried everything just can’t do it
It’s just complicated and confused, I don’t understand why they did it that way
Can someone explain tomorrow is the last day to get it don’t know if it will still even be possible

When and where did you get the “gift” ?
It was part of a Steinberg deal and expired last month as far as I know.

Hi @asher_atiya,

did you already register as a new user, at UA’s website?

This is a must, if you want to use your Steinberg promo voucher code, in order to redeem your PolyMAX license at UA’s.
What you get are three allowed parallel machine installations of PolyMAX - via iLok machine registration.

So, what you need is:

  • personal Steinberg account: promo activation key code (16 digits/4 groups)
  • klick “Redeem” (UA PolyMAX Synth.), inside mySteinberg’s voucher section
  • create new UA user account
  • download / install / login to UA Launcher
  • have (or create) iLok ID user account
  • download / install iLok client & account.

After you completed all this, everything should work.


[-Screenshot 01-]

[-Screenshot 02-]

Hi Paul / @Paul_Bryce,

for this UA PolyMAX license promo voucher, and for a couple of others too, Steinberg and their promotional partners seem to have extended the time window to redeem licenses by one month (if I’m not entirely mistaken).

In late March, when that promo month had started, one had only one month left to redeem any licenses. Now the last day is “before May 26, 2024”. Expiration will happen the next day.


Hi Markus,
Thanks for that, I didn’t realize that was the case. !

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