How to join tied notes globally?

I have some syncopated rhythms, which Dorico is presenting as tied notes over the beat. I’ve set all the options in Notation > Note Grouping to appropriate settings, but still they persist.

I can re-enter the notes with Force Duration, but is there a more global method? (The music was imported as XML, and there’s loads of them!)

Oddly, other passages with the same rhythm are displayed correctly. I’ve also tried Reset Appearance, and that doesn’t work either.
Screen Shot 12.png
Screen Shot 13.png

The situation in Screen Shot 12.png isn’t currently caught by our syncopation detection algorithms: the “short” of the short-long-long-(etc.)-short pattern has to be made up of a single note value, i.e. in this case a single 8th note rather than a pair of 16th notes. We would like to improve this in future, but it’s not trivial to ensure it always picks the right set of durations. For now, you’ll have to use Force Durations to override these cases.