how to keep a playback configuration


is it somehow possible to save a playback configuration besides Doricos default one?
My problem:
I have two windows open for the purpose of copying in between both.
One window has my file to which I am adding Figured Bass numbers which I copy from the second window.
Second window I have chosen the Silent playback template, so there is no delay, when changing to that window. But after I have copied a number from there, switching back takes 10 seconds every time before I can paste. reason: not only the playback configuration is loaded but also the license registration for that sound module gets activated every time new. If I choose silent playback template in window 1 too, I am afraid to loose all my carefully setup sound configuration…

Dear k_b,
I’m working on a score with lots of figured bass notation, and I found a workflow that could interest you.
I created a whole lot of new playing techniques for the keyboard, with the different bravura figured bass glyphs. This was kind of time consuming, but once it’s done, it’s efficient! I enter the caret mode, advance it with the right arrow where I want to input my figured bass, click on the different glyphs (they stack perfectly one on the other at the right rhythmical place) and advance to the next note with the right arrow.

I could have implemented all those figured bass glyphs into the Stream Deck to gain a little time (each playing technique has its own popover text so it’s easy to do) but this is the kind of score I seldom copy, so I did not bother with that.
Hope it helps — while figured bass notation is not implemented!

Thank you Marc,
I will instantly have a look into this.

So far I do the first number in Lyric Translation line (with Opus Figured Bass.std Font) and if there are more than one number do them one by one with Shift+X input… quite time consuming, as this specific score has a lot of stacked figures.

Perhaps, Klaus, try importing your flow containing all of your figures into the project you’re working on, then create a score layout containing that flow, and open that in a new window so that you’re copying and pasting between two windows belonging to the same project.


thank you very much! I imported the flow and now use split view - no more delay, I can even copy/paste between windows/panels by using Alt-click.
I will finish this project with Opus Figured Bass.std (instead of smufl Bravura symbols), as I had already done 25% this way.