How to keep files attributes on MediaBay with a new install?

Hi everyone,

I’m about to migrate all my current music installation (cubase, plugins, audio files library, settings, etc.) on a new machine. I’m a bit worried concerning the MediaBay attributes of all the files from my custom audio samples library. I was wondering if I could keep these attributes on my new machine. I probably spent weeks to customize each of them with the correct key, style, category, etc. and I would prefer not to do this again. :confused:

I read here: that all these attributes are saved in the Cubase MediaDefaults.xml configuration file. So, will it be ok if I just copy this file from my existing installation to the new one, or do I need to make some additional work?

Actually, I’m wondering because the paths of my audio files (copied in the new installation) will be different than the current ones. I’ll of course add the new folder in the locations to scan for the media bay, but what about their attributes then? Considering MediaDefaults.xml is copied on my new installation, can I get back all the attributes I’ve configured in my existing installation on the new one, even if the paths of my audio files are not exactly the same?

Hope that I’ve been clear enough.
Thanks for your help!


I think that tags for audio samples are saved with the file (sample) itself. I had a few samples that I tagged. Then I reinstalled the OS. When I copied them over from a usb flash drive, the tags were all there.

Thanks for your reply.

That’s reassuring! I will check this soon and will confirm if it’s the same thing for me.