How to keep preferences when updating

Just updated Cubase Artist 9.0 to 9.5 and found out (again) that all the preferences and colors and window-lay-outs from 9.0 are gone in 9.5
Do I have to make that all again (pffffff) or are there somewhere files that contain my former preferences, colorscheme etc. that I can re-use in 9.5 ?
On every update I encounter this nasty issue
Thx for your help!


You can save your own profile and import it after update.

Thx Martin.
In the meantime found out that: saving of 9.0 preferences is done in this version and not direct usable in 9.5. Therefore you have to copy them to the corresponding directories in 9.5 (Steinberg support gives an overview of where all files are stored):

I have found out too that the Preferences of 9.5 are substantial different from the way they were in 9.0