How to keep same midi part in midi edit screen even when song scrolls ?

How do you set up the midi edit window so that as you are editing a part it stays showing the midi notes if that part and doesn’t switch to the next part that the song has scrolled to?

In MIDI edit Windows Press “f” to disabile follw song,.
Press “f” to re-able it

Thanks I had tried that - did not work. when i stop following song, AND unlinking between midi editor and arrange window, the midi editor still jumps from midi part to midi parts the sing plays back, rather than staying on. the initial midi part.

Worked it out - you need to have ‘edit solo record in midi editor follow focus’ selected or deselected according to what you need. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that just changing the auto scroll options in the midi editor, from the drop downs on the autoscroll button.

That’s what I originally thought, but it didn’t seem to work for me unless I then changed the preference setting as I outlined above - now works fine.

Maybe it’s because you have auto select events under cursor enabled. Maybe when Cubase scrolls through the events it’s automatically selecting the events on the cursor position.

Just a guess though as I don’t use that feature.

seems to be a bit of bug - since every now and again it will start doing that ‘midi part follows part in arrange window’ thing even though no settings have been changed. If i do a restart it goes back to normal.