How to keep score layout from changing

I just updated from Cubase 4 to 8 so this question may sound stupid:
How do I keep a score layout from changing? In Cubase 4, I designed a layout and applied it, and it stayed put. In C8, every time I click on a track to edit it, I get a corresponding score change to that track. Every little thing I do in other areas - even the mixer -, changes the score layout. I find this annoying. *I want to change the layout when I choose - not have it always switching around.

I had this problem. I partially solved it by unchecking the box marked Editor Content Follows Event Selection in Preferences > Editors.

Unfortunately, in addition to preventing the Score Editor from following event selection in the arrangement, it also does the same for the Key Editor in the Lower Zone, so you must now double click each event to edit it in the key editor.