How to keep Screen Off when using Cubase?


My name is Juan Pablo. I need to fix something in Cubase and I dont know how. I use a program called NirCmd to, via a configurable hotkey, turn off my screen. I use it alot because when Im playing or recording something I dont want to keep my screen on all the time. I have sensitive eyes and I prefer to focus only in music. The program NirCmd works perfect except in Cubase. When I have Cubase open and I want to turn off my screen the screen goes black but after seconds the screen is on again. I dont have my screen close to mine, is not an option for me stand up and turn off the monitor manually because I need to turn it on and off various times through the day. For example, I want to record something but I dont want to have the screen on, so I hit record and I press the hotkey to turn off the monitor. But like I said, I cant do that in Cubase because when the monitor is off after seconds is on again, consecutively.

I hope someone can help me! I dislike alot to have the screen on all the time. This happens only in Cubase. When Im playing with music or backingtracks I turn off the screen via hotkey and I dont have any problem.

Thanks alot in advance!

Best regards,

Juan Pablo


I don’t know the NirCmd application. I don’t know, what does it mean, the screen is off, from the Point of view of this application. But it seams, it just somehow sleeps and you can (probably) wake it up somehow. Then I would recommend to switch this wake up Mode Off (if possible).

You can also use Workspaces to make sure, there is no window at that screen at the moment of recording.

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply. NirCmd is an application that allows to send commands. Im using right now a command to send the screen to Sleep Mode or Energy Saving Mode (the screen turns black but if I move the mouse or press a key it turns on again). However, in Cubase after send the screen to Sleep it turns on again immediately. Im using the command “monitor off”, I used this tutorial

I dont know if I understand the last that you say but even if I have Cubase minimized it will prevent that I can mantain my screen off. Searching the forum I found a thread that explains the same problem but the creator cant found a solution Steinberg Forums


My expectation is some action in the 2nd screen just wakes it up. So my sugestion is to move all Cubase Windows Out of this screen, while recording. If you don’t want to do this one by one, and then back, you can use the Workspaces.