How to keep the media bay screen on top.

I like to use some information from the media bay browser
How to keep this mediabay window open together at the same time with my Exel window where i type in some information?

Not possible - media bay / sample pool windows are pretty much the only ones you can’t set to ‘always on top’

We’ve been complaining about it here for years but for some strange reason Steinberg just ain’t interested. It’s one of those things that must be so easy to implement too.


I so agree !!! as with the editors as well would really improve the work flow :cry:

Indeed strange that Steinberg is reluctant to please the Cubase user.
I like too, also see more userfriendlyness for this mediabrowser and the same for the score editor, but the latter is not so easy to implement.(if it can be done than composing comes on higher level)
Ofcourse i can make a screen print from the media browser

Not strange at all - been this way for years and years.