How to keep the pool permanentaly open?

How do I keep the pool permanentaly open?

When I click on something else it closes automatically, I wish to always have it on the bottom of my project where the transport bar normally is.

Cheers! =)

Well - as far as I know you have to re-size the main window and fit the pool window below it.

Unfortunately the pool has no “always on top” that would let the window open or “floating above” the project (main) window, so you have to live with it.

This is one of the biggest niggles I have with Cubase. All other DAW’s I have used (and some I am still using) have a project window as background and all other working windows on top of that, but for some reason Cubase decided the pool window will be never on top - so you have to use it full screen, or lose the ability to use the project window as main “background” (e.g. full screen) window. There are more (sometimes completely unexpected) windows that cannot be made “always on top”, like beat designer etc.

Why Steinberg did not gave ALL windows an “always on top” possibility is something that really puzzles me. It certainly should be not that hard to do? Really - I cannot get my head around it.

That said - it is still a niggle (although a very uncomfortable one) for a very good program.