How to kill autoraise "feature" in 6.5.x?

I have Focus-follows-mouse in my Win7 configuration to make the UI at least a little bit bearable.

Unfortunately, some smart*ss at Steinberg “thought” it would be nice to automatically do an autoraise as soon as the window has focus. Maybe Steinberg employs former Lotus Notes programmers - dunno.

Now how do I get rid of this “feature”?

Oh - of course its worse. Cubase does an autoraise ONLY if the main window is active. If any other dialogue is open (e.g. preferences) this dialogue (and because it is modal, the whole app) behaves correct - in that it only gets focus and does not raise.

So please (please please please with sugar on top): Make CUbase behaviour normal in that case. Like e.g. Chrome, all NI apps, actually 99% of all other apps.