how to kill lower zone

is there a way to double click on midi data and get the full screen view like “normal”

everytime it goes to lower zone and after a second click it goes to my second full screen like I always need…

“an evolution, it is when you can have the choice…”

Please steinberg, teach me

yes u can, there is an option (but i can’t remember where exactly) where u can choose between editor going to lower zone OR full window.

check it u’ll find it (or use the manual to find it)… can’t remember by head where to find this otpion !


2nd drop down box lets you select “double-click opens editor in a window” or “double-click opens editor in lower zone”
with the default being lower zone.

That’s the first thing I learned about Cubase Pro 9 as it was driving me mad:)

Thanks! Fixed that up in advance of being driven mad. :slight_smile:

Thanks . Exactly, it was explain by G.ondo on youtube. Blame on me again

This works as well

Midi/setup Editor Preferences

Also, I set up key commands for :

Control+V = Left Zone
Control+B = Lower Zone/Bottom
Control+N= Right Zone

Very quick now