How to know what CC command Rec sends in Cubase

Every time I click “rec” in Cubase it sends some CC command (USB) to my Kronos 2 which gets or muted or panned.
My workaround has been disable cc on Kronos but then I can’t use Kronos damper pedal.
Any Ideas or similar issues?

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Maybe you have setup a Generic Remote device or a MIDI Remote in Cubase. Kindly check for that.

In fact I use Kronos as a Midi Controller for Cubase but have just assigned knobs and sliders.
I’ll check on that

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If you’re using a generic remote as @Johnny_Moneto stated and you seem to do this, you can set its midi out port to one, in order to avoid receiving ccs to your Kronos.

You can use this free software to see all midi data being sent and to isolate which cc is being sent.
I have used it to debug midi issues in the past.