How to know when "Make into frame" is enabled, and how to disable it


I have applied “Make into frame” to these two pages (separately)

But I can’t find in the manual, nor in Dorico itself, how to undo the action (if, for example, I insert more music in the middle and want it spread across multiple pages), nor any signposts that tell me that the action has been applied.

Looking at the manual, I find it a bit confusing how it states the action:

“Make into frame” Forces all music between the selected items into the same frame. You can use this option to force music onto a single page.

After trying to make it work selecting all the music I wanted, I realised I must only select the first and last items. Could there be a way to change that behavior, or let everything in the selection make into frame? Maybe it’s just me, but I find it a bit confusing the action itself and how the manual states it.

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Make Into Frame simply inserts two Frame Breaks (Salto de marco), which I can see in your screenshot as purple signposts. It sets the first Frame Break to “Wait for next Frame Break” in the properties panel.

In the case of your first page, the first Frame Break continues squishing bars onto page 1 until it encounters the next Frame Break, which is (obviously) at the top of page 2. The Frame Break at the top of page 2 is also set to “Wait for next Frame Break” in the properties panel, and seeing as there are no more Frame Breaks, it’s going to keep squishing bars onto page two forever (unless you add a Frame Break yourself, or use “Make Into Frame” again).

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The sentence you quoted is a brief summary of the button in the panel - there’s a more extended set of steps for how to use it here. On that page, there’s a bit more information about what to select for different results and explanation of the “Wait for next…” property that Leo describes above.

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It never occurred to me that frame breaks could also have properties! Now it’s clear why it’s important to select just the first and last items of the music.

I saw that, if deleted the frame break in second page, everything was crammed into the first page, and I couldn’t understand it. Now, it’s also clear. Guess that there is always hidden functionality one doesn’t know about :sweat_smile:.

Thank you both @Lillie_Harris and @pianoleo!