How to let all pages in same "staff spacing

Hi! I am wondering if the pages could be tidier, like all the pages layouts are as same as page 15.

Also, I want to let these two parts to be in one page, i think they can merge into one. But Why not in here?

Hope someone can help me, I appreciate it

First of all, I would wait until you have entered all the notation before worrying about layout. You can’t possibly know whether things are going to fit until all the notes are in place.

You may need to reduce the Staff Size a little bit, to fit two systems comfortably on that sheet.

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Hi @megan

If you mean you want two systems on each page, including on p16, that’s a matter of spreading out the bars onto systems so you’ve got an even number of systems that will then pair off onto pages neatly.

In Dorico, the process of “getting bars into systems and systems onto pages” is collectively known as “casting off” and there are various ways you can influence it: changing the note spacing, staff size, vertical spacing, setting fixed casting off settings…

Dorico will have made a calculation of how tall each of those two systems is, added the minimum gap between systems, and come to the conclusion that the sum of those values is greater than the available vertical space within the frame.

For an overview of these calculations, John does a great breakdown in this video: