How to level audio on existing file

In the past I have used a program for editing my recorded audio files called Sound Forge Audio V11. This program had a feature called Wave Hammer. It allowed me to boost the softer portions of the recording without over driving the louder portions. Is there a feature in WaveLab Pro 9 that would do the same thing for me? Also, what are the maximum number of tracks I can have in a file?

This is called “Loudness Maximizer” in WaveLab, found in the Process tab, but also the batch processor.


Thank You!!!

May I ask three more questions? These all concern Elements.

  1. Does Elements support Loudness Maximizer?
  2. According to the website there are limitations to editing Metadata. What are these limitations?
  3. What are the limitations to file merging?

Thanks for your help. We are trying to decide which software we should purchase. We are a small church so we need to watch our expenditures.

I don’t know the answers to your questions, since I’ve only used the full Wavelab, but you might consider this: if you buy WL Elements first and then upgrade to Pro, you end up paying the same for Pro (except for the USB e-Licenser that’s needed for Pro though).

Thanks again