How to licence a boxed version if using a DL trial?


Thanks for the helpful tutorial in Wardour Street, London, this Saturday.

On the basis of this I bought a boxed version of Dorico (a Crossgrade from Sibelius). I have four days left of a trial I downloaded and now am not sure how to activate. Do I need to uninstall the DL and load what’s on the disks or can I simply acivate the trial version? If so, is there anything I need to know that’s likely to behave oddly? And is there anything in the boxed version that will be missing from the DL? The trial version is 1.0.30.



Hi Sarah.

You don’t need to uninstall anything. Trial version and full version is the same.
It is just about the license.

Just run the eLicenser Center and activate your new license.

If you bought a boxed version, the activation code should be on a paper leaflet in the box.