How to line up audio clips across multiple tracks

Hi there,
Is there a way to line up a collection of audio clips on one track with a collection of audio clips on another track in a way that the clips start points are synced between the two (or more) tracks?


There really is no way to do this automatically and have it sound good (natural). So this is how I do it.

If the audio is already lined up on the differing tracks here are some options:

  • You could just duplicate the tracks and cut out areas you don’t want.
  • Turn on the snap function and cut the audio tracks at a snap point. Move to the new tracks and turn off the snap and expand the beginning and end points.

If the audio does not line up on the differing tracks:

  • With the snap function off move the audio to the different tracks to a point that is pretty close to alignment. Then zoom in as much as necessary to visually align the tracks the best you can. Listen and repeat as necessary.

Good luck and have fun :wink:

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Have you tried creating a macro for it?

I have not as I rarely have to do it. Sorry.

When importing tracks I usually do that first then record to that timing.
When I import tracks from a different studio I typically make sure all the files are created (mixdowned) from the leftmost project startpoint. Same when exporting tracks. I mixdown starting at the project left startpoint. Then it is easy to position the files to the left and they are usually in time.

IMO… lining up audio files that were imported into a project position that do not line up with some kind of timing reference are going to have to be moved and lined up manually using visual and then listened to to make sure it is acceptable. I doubt a macro could be made to do that.

I hope others chime in here with some other suggestions.

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I think there’s a way of doing this with hitpoints. I keep meaning to look into it myself but never get round to it and usually end up snipping and cross-fading. I think there might even be Steinberg videos about this from a version or so back.

But I’m assuming that these clips you’re trying to align each contain multiple hits, as if you’re trying to synchronise live playing. Or are they single hits? In which case all you may need to do is set the Snap Point of each clip to the first hitpoint and then align to grid.

Any chance you could post a screenshot?