How to link drawn volume automation? Please help

Hi. I can’t find the way to link drawn volume automation (or other parameters)

When I link two (or more) channels and enable volume linking, I see they are linked on the MIxConsole but linking is not effective when I manually draw points in the project window.
I need that what I draw for one channel is automatically replicated in to the linked channel(s).

From the MixConsole, I can record automation by moving the screen faders (or an external controller, I assume) and it is recorded in all linked channels, as expected. But then linking does not work if I enter the automation by drawing the points.
(the event draw tool is not appropriate for this. It could be to shape a short event, but not to make detailed correction to long clips - a 4 min. take, for instance)

I know I can group the channels and use the volume automation track of the group, but I need to do that in addition. I mean, I need that group fader to modulate the small level corrections done by drawing; I need both.

I also know I can draw in one channel and then manually copy the automation to the other track(s) but linking should do that automatically, as it does when recording automation from the MixConsole. Copying the automation manually every time I fine tune a bunch of points is far from practical.

In ProTools (for instance) you just group n channels and when you draw volume automation points for a channel they are automatically replicated to all linked channels on that group (prov. you have enabled volume linking, of course), as expected.

So, please, how?
And if it can’t be done, please someone tell me.

Many thanks in advance