How To Link Timeline and Edit Selection

Forgive me if this is a rehash or if I have overlooked the obvious. I’ve tried to do my due diligence, but haven’t found a solution.

Is there a way to have the timeline follow your edit selection in 8.5?

This question probably makes most sense for those familiar with protools, which has an easy toggle tab on the dash for this function. I’d love to find a way to do this in Cubase without having to add a step or two, or choose a different tool - just click on a point in the audio and hit space bar to play from there - as it really sped editing in my experience.

I’m migrating from Protools, and minus a few key features, I’m incredibly happy with Cubase. I feel it’s a few editing conveniences away from blowing PT out of the water and such better customer service.

Thanks for your help,


There is the L KeyCommand: Locate Selection. The playback cursor jumps to the start of your current Selection. There is also Play from Selection Start function, which doesn’t have a KeyCommand assigned by default. You can assign your own KeyCommand.

I hope this helps.

That’s great. I think between those two, I’m in business. Many thanks.

I have spent endless hours trying to make cubase transport behave like protools Ableton and logic. I just gave up. I hardly use it now. its like all over the place you can’t get a hold of it. funny something so simple can be so maddening . I spent more time on this than learning how to run cubase. Return to selection on play please. Return to selection on stop is terrible you half way through the song you hear something you hit stop and it zooms back to the selection . bla bla bla enough.