How to load Accoustic Agent?

Hello my friends.

I’ve give up… how to load Accoustic Agent into Groove Agent SE4? I had only Beat Agent and i dunno how to change it to Accoustic. Am I stupid or what? :smiley:

You are not stupid at all (well, for all I know, you might still be, but that would be quite independent from not knowing how to load Acoustic Agent into Groove Agent SE4 :stuck_out_tongue: )…
You could be quite forgiven for, upon launching GASE4, and seeing the icon for “Beat Agent SE Kit 1” by default, expecting to be able to click on that, to change it to Acoustic Agent, but no :wink:
When you open the vstpreset pop-up, either at the very top of the plugin window, or indeed via the pop-up just underneath the logo for Groove Agent SE4 (where it currently shows “Kit 1”), you should then be able to see "Acoustic Agent SE Studio Kit, under “Library name”…
Acoustic Agent SE.jpg

Ok it works. Thank You!