How to load Allen Morgan construction kits?

Next to the new Groove Agent SE 4 content comes the Allen Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox with 30 construction kits, each with 25 to 30 audio and MIDI loops routed to predefined instruments, including channel strip and mixer settings.

How can I load these construction kits ,channel strip and mixer settings?
Is there some template or what? :blush: :question:

Try this with your Mediabay RACK on the project window…
ALT+T to open it if you can’t see it and ALT+T again to hide it

See the image …
(your content might differ slightly from mine)

Select VSTSound from the drop down menu make sure Deep Results button is not selected
The content is found within the “Rock Pop Toolbox” folder in Projects folder.
To open the individual .cpr projects, double click it in the list.
You’ll have to create a new project folder and save the open project there when prompted.

Thats it .Thanks.