How to load different Mixer plugins, Space template?


Is it possible to make a Stage or Space template to load different Mixer plugins, say for the same score and instruments? I have try but have not been successful.

Anthony H. says that it is possible here:

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Anthony is referring to the plugins on the Near and Far channels, those will effectively be saved and recalled with the Space Template.

Channel plugins won’t be affected if you change your space Template which is of primal importance if you have all your channels with some plugins in place and decide to change of Space Template.

Thee ability to recall channel inserts in one way or another would effectively be a great option.

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Ok, I see I misunderstood Anthony’s video. So, I understand that if I need to change my VST instruments, say exchange the piano, bass, etc. if I don’t do it manually one by one, I will loose the mixer setup. That is if I run a Playback Template, right? And there is not at the moment a way to recall back the mixer VST set up before running the Playback Template, at the moment.

So, if one has a sophisticated mixer setup for nice mock ups of songs it is better to forget about Playback Template and do what ever instrument changes are needed it manually.

Let me know if I am correct understanding this area of Dorico 5.1 at the present time.

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At this point we have to define what we mean by “mixer setup”.

Panning and Reverb can be saved and recalled on project basis by using Stage Templates and Space templates together, for which you can export settings for each project… it works perfectly fine, and if set properly can be ultra realistic.

If you apply effects like EQ, Compressor, Channel Strip, additional Reverb or delay on your channel inserts, the only way to recall this is by saving presets for each plugin instance and reapplying them as needed. This is a rather tedious process… but it works.

For instrument volume, I personally try to get as close as possible through Midi CC 7 which I include in the “Natural” expression of my Expression Maps, this way I can quickly adjust any instrument for a first balance. And this is recalled perfectly.

So all in all, every aspects of what constitute a “Mixer Setup” can actually be recalled, (the channel inserts in a rather tedious way), still, I would try to limit Playback Template changes to the very strict minimum and rather at the beginning of a project than later !

Happy Holidays to you !!

Thank you Emmanuel,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this topic.

I just want to take this opportunity to say that I am amazed with the last Dorico 5.1 update! It is wonderful to see how Dorico keeps developing and growing in functionalities, refining workflows and techniques.

I feel very lucky to have chosen Dorico as my notation program. Congratulations to the developer team, I wish you all the best and a Happy Holidays!!!