How to load Halion Symphonic Orchestra in Cubase 11…

Hi there, haven’t been on these forums in years. Been running Cubase 8.5 for a long time, but finally upgraded to 11. I downloaded HSE (which I bought a long time ago) using the download assistant and it doesn’t “install” or show up anywhere useful. It shows as downloaded. I see it in the windows directory. It’s not in Halion. It just sits there. Is it too old? Is it 32 bit? Is it a newer version that I don’t have a license for? It’s still on my elicesnser… I just have no idea how to get it going… Any thoughts? Thanks!

Check the Download Assistant for downloads.

Symphonic Orchestra has been made into its own 64bit plugin, so make sure you have it as an entry in the plugins manager from within Cubase, and in a plugin collection if you’re using custom collections.

Thanks very much for the reply! This is the problem. It’s there all green and finished downloading in the download assistant, but it doesn’t show up as an option in the plugin manager or anywhere else inside cubase. There doesn’t seem to be away to actually install it. It’s just downloaded and sits there.


That’s how it shows up in Cubase after being scanned. Notice the version number. Search for “Symphonic Orchestra.dll”. That’s the plug-in. Did you also install the Halion Sonic SE 3 3.4.30? I think it’s also required.

Thanks for helping out! There’s no DO.dll file anywhere on the computer. And It looks like Halion Sonic SE version 3.6.13 was installed with everything else. It works fine but doesn’t have SO in it… Like I said, it seems like there no way to install the thing once it’s downloaded. Edit: actually the downloader shows sonic 3.4.30, but scanning in cubase shows it’s version 3.6.13.

I’m out of ideas then. Maybe try to reinstall once more?

Ok, so… Thanks again for trying! Looks like I’m a bit of a moron. Everything in the download manager when I installed Cubase downloaded and then installed automatically. HSO did not. I had to click on the stupid button that said “open.” So it installed. And now it works inside Halion Sonic, but it still doesn’t show up in the plugin manager at all. I rescanned and pointed it to the directory and rescanned again, but it doesn’t show up like in your picture above. Anyway, I now have access to all the sounds and that’s what I was obviously looking for… Sorry I’m a bit dim, and thanks again!

New version of HSO doesn’t install the plugin. It’s just a content set for Halion Sonic SE.

Thanks! Makes sense. I’m sure it’s in the instructions somewhere. I just assumed it was installed when I hit the button the first time…

Thank you for that information. I was having a problem seeing the full page icon as in the descriptive pictures of the product but you just answered my question! Thank you so much! So it’s just a content set and shows up in sonic SE and you have all the programs there that you can put into every track. I wonder if you can put the VST in another folder and work it in a DAW such as studio One?

You can see the details of the HSO library using Steinberg Library Manager.

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Can I please declare my ignorance as I cannot find Amped Elektra in the media bay nor the ‘media’ window on the right hand side of the project window (presumably the same source).
I have ‘Amped Electra’ (the new free download for C12 users) showing in the Steinberg Library Manager and ‘details’ button shows the location folder (also confirmed by opening in explorer) is the same as the Novel Piano, but the Novel Piano does appear in my media right hand window. Actually, there are only 4 icons in my right hand media window under Halion Sonic HE yet there are a handful more in the steinberg Lib Manager under Halion sonic.
Could it be my media window has an issue and needs rebuilding somehow?
In Media Bay (F5), I have ticked that folder where all those files are:
C:\Users$$$$\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound
Any help for this moron would be much appreciated :pray:

I have found a great resource by a helpful poster at :

so I can now see the ‘Amped Electra’ piano in the main Halion window (albeit still not in my right-hand media window).

I got the free amped electra, but now I just get an error when cubase loads. I’ll look for a fix and post more details when I have a chance, but anyone else having that trouble?

Sorry Bob, I’ve not had this issue.
Perhaps put a support request in as may be a bug. Of course can try the usual startup in safe mode etc or when starting, see where it stalls to try to identify the culprit?

Thanks! It was in another thread. Quite cumbersome but figured it out. Have some other issues now. Really… I shouldn’t have updated to 12 quite yet, I don’t think. It’s made more errors than it’s fixed.

The original 12.0.0 was great but then I had big issues after upgrading to later version so I’m back on 12.0.0 and sticking with it. It’s a shame but I wasted literally days trying to troubelshoot everything and had to restore my whole system and I don’t want to spend more time on PC maintenance than music.

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We picked up HSO…and a LOT of the library doesn’t even play correctly! Like the volume levels are too low or you have to deep edit the patches. I was pretty shocked my Studio Co-Producer didn’t try to get a refund. I mean we got it for the “Instrument” of the month…but it’s very VERY VERY basic and seems to be programmed incorrectly on some level.

Not trying to be a downer here. Just saw this post and I’m still a little crispy about the situation.


HSO is far from working “incorrectly”, nor is it very very basic. Here is an extract from the original manual:

Expression and control
If HSO is your first professional orchestra library, if you are not used to conducting, and if you’ve always used orchestral sounds from hardware samplers or keyboard workstations, you will have to forget about a couple of “bad” habits - using velocity as your main controller for controlling expression and dynamics for example.
While velocity is appropriate for controlling dynamics for drums, keyboards or synthesizers, orchestra sections and especially string instruments are a totally different story.
When playing drums, pianos, guitars or other percussive instruments, the volume and intensity is defined by the attack, after that there are few options to change anything related to dynamics.
With bowed instruments, this is totally different. Strings need expression control all the time, and most of it is happening after the initial attack.
We have introduced a special Expression controller ( assigned to the Modulation Wheel by default) allowing you to continuously control the expression while you are working. It not only controls the volume, but also the choice of the layer played according to the controller value ( i.e. the actual pianissimo, piano, … forte, fortissimo recording).

From now on bear in mind: When playing and arranging with HSO, for many instruments the Expression controller is much more important than velocity.


Hi Gerrit,

That was my production partner SpiderMix. He is no longer with us so I’m taking back primary control of my account.

I THINK what he was trying to communicate was that the library didn’t seem to have a lot of velocity based dynamics? I dunno. Thanks though!

I personally think it’s ok. I mean…it was like $50 so to ME that was kinda a steal!

Amadeus e.d.p.