How to load .halpreset sounds banks create in HALion Sonic 3 into HALion 6

Hi guys,

I’m looking for some advice on HALion 6; I was intending to use it in a live situation, I’ve created some test patches in ‘Combi Mode’ on HALion Sonic 3 (see screen shot).

I can’t seem to find a way to import this *.halpreset bank into HALion 6; I’ve searched online, and the manual wasn’t terribly helpful either.

I’d be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction!

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HALion Sonic 3 - Multi

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Found your post after having the same question!

In the Multi tab, use the dropdown at the top to select a .halpreset file. Since you will only be able to choose from the presets in the HALion Sonic > Sub Presets > Multi Chain folder (at least for me), you may have to drop the .halpreset you want to load in this folder (which you can navigate to by clicking the save icon right by the dropdown).

Note that .halpreset files are just XML files with the path to each multi-program (.vstpreset) file, so if it came from an outside source, you may need to edit the .halpreset file in a text editor to get the correct paths to the multi-programs. (so you’ll also need to have all the multi-program .vstpreset files on whatever machine you are performing with)

As an aside, I’d be curious if .halpreset files can use relative paths, so that Multi Chains are more portable… or if anyone has a nice way to handle that.

Hope this helps!