How to load Kontakt on Mac OS

Can someone explain how I use / load/ kontakt as an instrument in Dorico on Mac OS
I have read that Kontakt is ‘white listed’ if it is then how do i load it?


Ok I figured it out!

Hi musicchamber,
Can you please share how to do it?


Hi, yes quite easy when you know how!

Go to the play tab, select the flow or instrument lane you wish to use Kontakt on.

On the right hand side of the play window you will see the VST Instruments column. Click on the small down pointing arrow, then select Kontakt from the list of available VST plugins.

To open Kontakt there is a small circle (like a no entry sign) to the left of the Kontakt name. Click on the circle and Kontakt will then open and at that point you can then load your Kontakt library of choice etc.

Hope that explains things clearly for you.

Thanks for that Scott.


on Mac, use “Kontakt 5 16out” as default Kontakt plugin, we found that using different Kontakt may crash the Audio Engine (issue in Kontakt we will inform Native Ins.)