How to load other VSTs besides HALion? (Windows10)

I am trying to get Dorico to load my Play VST from East-West/Quantum-Logic, but it doesn’t show up in the drop-down list of possible soft-synths to choose from. I also have a lot of VST soft-synths which installed with Sonar but I can’t get them to show up in Dorico either.

What am I missing?

I have all my VSTs hosted by VE Pro 6 which does show up.
In fact everything that does show up is covered by the eLicenser. I can only get Play to show up by using VE Pro as the host.

Try this link

Thanks for the link, Derek, but renaming whitelist.txt still doesn’t allow any of my VST2 plug-ins to appear in Dorico. I know the program is looking for them because I get an error message about Symphonic Choirs not being authorized (I don’t know why that would appear because it is authorized using the iLok software with the license on my computer instead of on the dongle). I can use the symphonic choirs when I run Play as a standalone program, so I know it’s authorized. But in any event the Play VST is not showing up in Dorico. Bummer! Thanks for your help, though!

Actually, the information given in our knowledgebase article is unfortunately wrong. It will get updated soon. For a proper way of doing have a look at following thread: VST3 only? - #59 by ygrabit - Dorico - Steinberg Forums
It’s a bit complicated, but as Yvan states in that thread, with the first Dorico udpate (mid to end Nov.) it will become more easy.