How to lock the midi channel in the inspector?

Hi, very often I use a bunch of midi tracks with one instance of Kontakt. It works as long I do not “touch” the mid channel, which happens by accident from time to time. Especially when you move with the mouse over the channel button or when scrolling with the wheel. Locking the track in the inspector does not work. Any tips or hints how to get this locked? Thank you in advance.

cubase lock midi channel

There isn’t any mechanism that lets you ‘lock’ a button or control.

The best I can think of is to edit the layout of the buttons and put it somewhere that you are less likely to accidentally change it. Or you could even hide it when not needed, or hide it all the time and when you want to change channels use the inspector panel.



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Hi Raino your tips are much appreciated - I will try out to hide the buttons as you mentioned.