How to lower an entire mix after automation has been written all over it?

In other words, how do I add or subtract to ALL the automation in all the tracks by the same amount?

Thank you!!!

If you just want to lower the level of the mix then pull down the master fader. If you want to lower automation then use the “trim” function (I assume it exists in Cubase) to lower levels. If you want to do it to many tracks at the same time then I’m guessing you can just create a VCA for them and do it that way.

Just be aware that if you have any dynamics processing after a fader then changing the level at the fader will change the dynamic processing as well (which is why doing it on the master can be the better option).


In the Stereo Out channel, I place the 10-band EQ. in the 5th Insert position. ( I have others in the other inserts). I set the Range @ 0.0.
When I find the need to adjust the overall output of a song, I will adjust the output level there.
That way, I can always keep the Stereo Out Fader at Unity ( 0dB).

Why not just lower the fader???..


Exactly… It is there for a reason

I think this habit stems from Analog desks. But doesn’t really matter in Digital audio.