How To: Lyrics on dashed-tied notes

I have got a vocal piece with 3 verses. I have several places where I need tied eights (sorry for not knowing the correct phrases in English) to fit the lyrics. On some of those parts I have one syllable, on other parts I have got 2 syllables.

I of course startet entering the 4 voices including all the ties. I then set them to have dashed lines. When then entering the lyrics, Dorico immediately saw the tied eights as one quarter and allowed me only one syllable - not a big problem here: I just write the word in one piece. When inputting 2 syllables I had to use ‘_’ which created something like this: ‘abc͜ def’.

When I tried to remove the ties I wasn’t successful at all - don’t know how to do this. With slurs I just click and delete them.

So what it the correct way to input lyrics with dashed ties?


Have you tried using the Force Duration Tool (the Clamp icon or letter O) to force the quarters?

EDIT: added attachment
For the attached example I

  • entered four quarter notes
  • added lyrics (had terrible time entering second stanza, could only move first stanza down in Engrave and go back)
  • used a dashed slur rather than a tie (couldn’t get the Clamp/force to hold the notes)

I would recommend using dashed slurs rather than dashed ties if you have different underlay in each voice. When you use a tie in Dorico, it actually glues the two notes together into a single note, and for lyric input Dorico only allows you to write a lyric at the start of the tied note.

We hope to implement a tool to chop tied notes back into untied ones again very soon, but for the time being you’d need to shorten the note back to its original duration and put the second note in again, then add the slur between them.

Hi Derrek, hi Daniel!

Thanks for your responds. Now I have an idea how to undo the ties and enter the lyrics by using dashed slurs.

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